Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lolo Ego and Lolo Bino

I have the distinction and good fortune (through no merit of my own) of having not one but two distinguished grandfathers, who served the Filipinos in earnest as senior government officials at the relatively early stage of our nation’s quest for self-determination.  I find that the easiest way to brag about this (though, once again, I can’t claim any credit) is to show a picture of a historical plaque at the site of our national monument, the Rizal Monument (the Philippines' equivalent of the Statue of Liberty).

Rizal Monument

The First Cabinet and the First Supreme Court Justices

The plaque, on the upper half, enumerates the first cabinet of the so-called Third Republic of the Philippines (i.e., after the Commonwealth era of the Philippines under the sovereignty of the United States), which includes the Honorable Manuel V. Gallego, then Secretary of Public Instructions (that’s Lolo Ego), and, on the lower half, enumerates the first justices of the Supreme Court, which includes the Honorable Sabino Padilla (that’s Lolo Bino).  They were indeed honorable men at a time when public service in the Philippines was not yet wrought with corruption and incompetence.

The exemplary public service of both my Lolo Ego and my Lolo Bino were remembered on the year of their respective birth centenary through the Great Filipinos series of commemorative stamps issued by the Philippine Postal Corporation.

Lolo Ego

Lolo and Lola Ego

Lolo Bino with Family at Supreme Court

Lolo Bino with Mom before Wedding

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