Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The longest running joke in contemporary history . . . North Korea

The Presiding Brat and his pathetic sychophants
In one of the latest salvos from Pyongyang, North Korea confirmed that it had shredded the 60-year old armistice ending the Korean War. Big Daddy Deal! It's amazing how much international media coverage Pyongyang gets for what is arguably the most silly and preposterous excuse of a "state" known as North Korea. Most of its people are malnourished, if not starving, while it's "leaders" squander minuscule resources on an imaginary sub-standard nuclear weapons program (for sabre-rattling purposes only) and on their secret ultra-luxurious lifestyles behind closed doors. "Order" is achieved by wholesale state terrorism enforced by an autocratic military clique--most recently symbolized by a soft, obese, inexperienced, world-class brat, whose only "qualification" is being the son of his father, as was the only "qualification" of his father. North Korea is nothing more than a geographical designation with a dysfunctional, highly precarious and crumbling mob oppressed by a bunch of gun-wielding hoodlums posing as leaders to the rest of the world. It has managed to survive up to now because of China, which has a penchant for "supporting" impoverished lackeys (like North Korea, Cambodia and a few other quasi-failed states in Africa) in an effort to develop its global diplomatic clout. However, even China is reassessing its affiliation with North Korea, which has increasingly become a major diplomatic liability. Bottom line is, North Korea is not sustainable, particularly in this day and age.

As the saying goes, 富 不过三代 (Fu bu guo san dai). This translates to Wealth does not pass three generations.” This same proverb has also been expressed in differing ways such as: “From rags to riches and back again in three generations” and “From rice paddy to rice paddy in three generations”. The explanation goes like this. The first generation works extremely hard to build the family fortune. The second generation reaps the benefits. The third generation squanders the wealth. And so it is with Kim Il-sung (1st generation), Kim Jong-il (2nd generation, The Original Brat) and Kim Jong-un (3rd generation, The Presiding Brat). Hence, it's just a matter of time (certainly within the lifetime of The Presiding Brat) before this joke (a nightmare, really) known as North Korea disappears into oblivion and its atrocities and perversion to humanity recorded in the annals of history like the Holocaust of Hitler throughout Europe and the Rape and Pillage of the Japanese Imperial Army throughout Asia in World War II.

Read between the lines. The intensified provocations from Pyongyang are indeed coded messages of surrender. By appearance alone, The Presiding Brat does not have the character, the discipline nor the stamina to perpetuate the farce that was started by his grandfather. He would be more content living in exile and luxury in Switzerland with the parasitic stash accumulated by his forebears. Hence, he will keep picking fights with South Korea, the United States and whoever else he needs to involve to nudge his adversary to initiate a war against North Korea. Then, he (and most assuredly his closest cronies) will negotiate their luxurious exiles even before the first major battle commences. Ironically, the greatest hurdle to finally closing the incongruous chapter of North Korea is . . . South Korea; more particularly, the capacity of South Korea's economy to integrate with North Korea. This is no mean feat as evidenced by the reunification of Germany in 1990, then already one of the largest economies in the world. Until South Korea is ready to bite the economic bullet, The Presiding Brat will just have to keep waving the white flag patiently by way of more sabre-rattling and hope for the best with respect to his terms of exile. (He and his cronies should all be hanged!) In the meantime, the rest of the world has no choice but to bear the brunt of this stale and disgusting joke . . . North Korea.

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