Sunday, April 14, 2013

Surfin' and Six Packs

Name me a normal adult male who does not aspire to have six pack abs . . . and I will show you a liar! That said, aspiring and doing are galaxies apart. It takes plenty of work or, in the case below, plenty of play to attain the illusive six pack abs.

Surfing instructors at Baler
(There appears to be a strong correlation between surfing and six  pack abs.)

Remember the Sesame Street Song?
("One of these things are not like the other, which one's different, do you know? ")

This was my second visit to Baler but this time I flew from Nampicuan--instead of riding my motorcycle. Estimated travel time by motorcycle excluding rest stops is about 4 hours. Actual flight time from Nampicuan to Baler on April 12, 2013 was 1 hr and 20 minutes--due to the headwind. Return flight time from Baler to Nampicuan on April 13, 2013 was 1 hr flat--very nice tailwind (consumed a lot less gasoline too).

Jerome, Baler Airport Manager, and Alquin, Baler Resident,
who has a beautiful flower farm beside the airport

Parked at the Baler Airport
(A perfect "air safari" stop)

Below is a film clip of the return flight on YouTube:

Baler to Nampicuan, April 13, 2013

My next cross country flight will likely be to Iba, Zambales, where I will visit my flying buddy, Ricky Aguas.

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