Sunday, July 7, 2013

Noche De Ronda

CD cover of our musical recording, which was actually a picture taken
after rendering a few songs at a church charity event

From left to right: Raffy P. Villanueva, violinist (inset), Arminio Estalilla, pianist, Minguita P. Lopez, vocalist, Betta P. Gallego-Kramer, vocalist and Manuel P. Gallego, vocalist. Produced by my Tita Lou Ellen B. Padilla, wife of my Ninong Teddy, the late Justice Teodoro R. Padilla.

1)     You're My Everything - Minguita (for the late Teddy Padilla & Lou Ellen Padilla)
2)     You're Just Too Marvelous - Manuel (for the late Rosa Padilla Gallego)
3)     Eres Tu - Betta
4)     Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Manuel
5)     Smile - Minguita
6)     Minamahal Kita - Minguita and Betta
7)     Can't Help Falling In Love - Manuel
8)     I Could Have Danced All Night - Betta
9)     Jurame - Minguita
10)   Inamorata - Manuel
11)   Some Enchanted Evening - Betta and Manuel
12)   I Have Dreamed - Minguita
13)   Noche de Ronda - with Raffy on the violin (for our late grandfather Justice Sabino Padilla)

With special thanks to Maite P. Gallego-Zaldarriaga and Sijbren G. Kramer. Recorded at Sound Weavers Recording Studio, 2012.

Wedding Picture of our Lola Minggay and Lolo Bino
Click on this Noche De Ronda hyperlink and press the play button on the site to listen to our song.

I've always wanted to record some songs for the fun of it. When my Tito Tommy (former Philippine Ambassador to South Korea during the term of President Cory Aquino) celebrated his 80th birthday, we performed our usual musical number to regale the guests. One of them, former President Fidel Ramos (an old friend of the family), liked it so much, he cajoled us to make a recording . . . and so we did. Being the frugal people that we are, it would never have happened if not for Tita Lou volunteering to fund the project! It was a blast and I think I can speak for all those who were involved. Shortly after distributing the CD to family members, Tita Patring passed away. Raffy (Tita Patring's son and violinist in the recording) informed me that his mom enjoyed listening to the CD, which made the effort all the more worthwhile. Until our next recording . . .

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