Monday, September 23, 2013

Durian . . . in Oriental Mindoro

Googled this picture. The price (P35 per kilo) is about right in season!

I found another reason to visit the family farm in Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro--Durian! Apparently, a number of landowners in Victoria, Oriental Mindoro (about 1 hour drive from Calapan) decided to cultivate different varieties of Durian about 10 years ago. Well, those trees are bearing fruit today, usually between the months of July to October. And what a discovery and treat it is for me! No need to fly to Davao to satisfy my Durian cravings. There is a fruit stall in front of the Oriental Mindoro Provincial Capitol Building in Calapan (not to be confused with the newer Calapan City Capitol Building along the Nautical Highway) selling different kinds of Durian between P35 to P40 per kilo, which was the same selling prices I found in the public market of Victoria.

Some of the varieties of durian in the Philippines

A word of caution. Durians are not created equal. Visit "Different Varieties of Durian in Davao City" for a quick review. I bought a couple of varieties (generally described as native and non-native) at the Victoria Public Market. Both kinds were sweet and delectable. Just remember to open and eat them when they are just ripe and you can't go wrong.

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