Sunday, March 9, 2014

Paragliding in Tandem at Carmona

Just a couple of weeks ago . . . The film clip rolls a few minutes after take-off (when we had gained altitude) up to the point when I assumed the standing position about a minute before landing.

I learned to paraglide with a paramotor (that's an engine with a propeller strapped at my back coupled with a paraglider) about 15 years ago near Torrey Pines, San Diego. I was visiting my eldest sister at Stanford (or maybe attending her MBA graduation) with Mom and my other sisters at that time and I took-off for a few days with the objective of learning the basics and getting airborne on a paramotor. My instructor obliged and my objectives were met within my limited 3-day schedule.

I imported my paramotor and paraglider from Dudek Paragliders, Poland and managed to take this for a spin a few times. However, I was unable to sit properly on the harness each time I was airborne, which resulted in an uncomfortable ride. I concluded that the harness was too small for me (or I was just getting too fat for the harness) or I needed some more training, which was not yet readily available in the Philippines. Further, as my health and athleticism deteriorated in the course of my work, I realized that I could not grow old with this sport. So, I sold the paramotor and kept the wing with the intent of picking-up the sport after I retired from employment--that is, only paragliding without the paramotor.

I have been kiting diligently over the past several weeks under the instructions of Buko, when his schedule permits. I am looking forward to my first solo paragliding flight soon!

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