Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Delightful RC Farm Resort in Mansalay

With Rose and Hans Rickenbach . . . and one of their sweet shih tzus, Chelsea
One of the best kept secrets of Mansalay is a family-owned and operated bed & breakfast in Barangay Manaul known as the RC Farm Resort. It's a slice of paradise that is home to Hans and Rose Rickenbach. Starting with a humble bahay-kubo, the couple added improvements and more improvements over the years until they decided to open their gates to tourists--both local and foreign--who appreciate the simple pleasures of the countryside. They have four (4) large comfortable rooms (with high ceilings, toilet and bath) for their guests, two (2) of which have air-conditioners. Fronting the rooms is a large swimming pool with an estimated length of 15 meters. Ariel, the nephew of Rose and one of the friendly staff, is responsible for, among other things, keeping the pool clean and in good swimming condition.

Yes, you can actually do laps on this pool and even train for the swimming leg of a triathlon. The deep end is 10 feet, so a beginner in scuba diving can practice his buoyancy in a controlled environment before heading out to any number of scuba diving spots in the vicinity. Rose and her staff would be more than happy to arrange a bangka to tour the coasts and reefs of Mansalay and Bulalacao.

In the event of a power outage (which occurred only once over a period of approximately 20 minutes during my stay), the resort has a generator for lighting, which enabled me to do my laps in the pool even at night.

Hans, who hails from Switzerland, ensures there is always enough cold beer in the fridge. Just give advance notice to the staff in case you would like to have food prepared. It's like your home away from home and I am grateful that Hans and Rose generously share their slice of paradise with visitors who come to these quiet parts of Mindoro.

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