Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Brief Flight Around Rancho Caridad

This is my first attempt at filming a video while flying my microlight. It's also my first attempt to edit the same with some basic effects, such as splitting film clips, transitioning the same (video and audio) as well as including music, narration and subtitles. I used my Sony Cybershot DSC-W570 on video mode (VGA setting only for now) and the VideoPad Video Editor (it's free!), which is a neat and relatively simple video editing software that allows you to create your own basic "movie" with a minimum of fuzz. Sorry for the terrible vibration as I mounted the camera on the front support post of the aircraft, which obviously vibrates too much for filming. I hope the vibration will be minimized next time when I mount the camera on the wing. Until my next (and improved) aerial video . . . keep on flying!

Kindly click on the following link to view the video on YouTube:

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