Monday, May 6, 2013

One of those rare occasions . . . a visitor

My cousin, Bing, in red shorts. Rolf's planes in the background.
A few weeks ago, my cousin, Bing, who has been residing in Canada with his wife and daughter for over 16 years gives me a call. He's in town and would like to visit the farm. So, I invite him over and he gets a reality check on the simple life (did I say reclusive?). In all the years that I have been coming to the farm, I can count with the number of my fingers how many times I actually had a visitor. This is one of those occasions and it was fun to catch-up with Bing. I didn't think he had the capacity to stay still the whole time I would be at the farm (which was from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning) but his early years in the agricultural sector (particularly aquaculture in Iloilo) kept him in good stead. We talked, mostly about family. We ate, we drank beer, we smoked, we watched a movie (Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise) and we even had a massage. Bing is happily settled with Liza and their pride and joy, Sabina, who will be off to college soon. The dilemma is, what happens when Sabina is all settled herself in Canada--done with college, married (ouch, she's Daddy's girl!), etc.? But that's just me thinking.

Bing, it was great to have you over. Thanks for all the entertaining stories and the pictures!

 In my jammies before take-off
Full speed ahead
In-flight for a few minutes
Shortly after landing; back to my man-cave
My Man-Cave

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