Thursday, June 6, 2013

Support the Mangal Marine Sanctuary Ordinance

With my virtual diving buddy, Gerald, son of Ka Pedring

I had to return to Casabangan Bay before the end of Amihan or the start of the typhoon season, so that I could revisit the diving sites in the area at the calmest time of the year (April, May and June, in the absence of a typhoon, of course). Although I have only scratched the surface, there are already two (2) exceptional diving areas I have identified just a few minutes small bangka ride from Casabangan beach. One is about 200 meters offshore fronting the electric pole of ORMECO closest to the green house on the white sand beach beside Casabangan and the other is about 100 meters offshore the mid-point of the cliff shore (also beside Casabangan) or what the locals call "Lalawigan".

The following film clip is a compilation of brief sightings of two (2) sea turtles that have survived and reside in the vicinity of Casabangan Bay. As recently as 30 years ago, sea turtles, among other marine life, thrived in Casabangan Bay. Over the years, they have been indiscriminately killed for food and the ones you see in this film clip may be all that is left. Their survival, along with other endangered marine resources in the area, depends on the passage of the Mangal Marine Sanctuary ordinance, which has been proposed to the municipal council of Mansalay since May 2012. As the saying goes, it's a no brainer, yet there is no ordinance until now, June 2013. Please support the passage of the Mangal Marine Sanctuary ordinance and help Benazir and Buddy repopulate Casabangan Bay! Write the Sangguniang Bayan of the Municipality of Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro to pass the Mangal Marine Sanctuary ordinance without delay. Click the following link to view the film clip in YouTube: Benazir and Buddy

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