Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dagsin (Gravity)

A split second in the movie . . . with music director, Bob Yulo, and the young Justino, Benjamin Alves

Renato "Jun Jun" (more recently "Atom") Magadia Jr. is an old friend. I mean truly an old friend because I don't have many of those. For as long as I can remember, he wanted to make movies--worthwhile and meaningful movies, unlike most of the junk patronized by the Filipino masses. Admittedly, I had my doubts, not because Atom lacked talent but because most of the local audience have no appreciation for talent.

There was always the option of Daddy Dear, who could have easily financed a slew of movie productions at the request of the son but Atom did not relent. It reminds me of one of the most fantastic propositions a father could ever pose to a son: quit film school and just pursue the lifestyle of an international playboy--financed by Dad, of course. True to himself, Atom even then did not relent.

In the advent of the premier of "Dagsin", the first full-length movie of Atom and Anne (the one who takes care of all the gory details and more!), we again celebrate the dogged stubborn integrity of Atom, which is so rare in this day and age. May "Dagsin" be the first of many beautiful movies of Atom and Anne for the world to experience in the years to come.

Click the following link to view the Movie Trailer of Dagsin.

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